How to Uninstall and Reinstall the Sound Card on laptop


If you purchased a new sound card and want to install it, first you have to uninstall the current sound card and then reinstall the new sound card, but do you know how to uninstall the drivers for current sound card and how to reinstall the drivers for new current sound card? This guide will tell you step by step:

When you try to do the following steps, I hope you are good with your laptop by some basic knowledge, and what’s more, you also should do these with you patience, and carefulness.

I will introduce the steps in such way: “start button”> “Control Panel”. It means that you click the “start button” and you will see the choice “Control Panel” in the “start” interface, then you left click the “Control Panel” and if you have to right click the button, I will express it is this way: “Control Panel”(right click).

If you want to uninstall your sound card in your laptop, you can follow the steps:

“Control Panel” > “System” > “Hardware” > “Device Manager” > “Sound, video and game controllers” > “device” (right click) >” Properties “> “Driver tab” > “Uninstall”

You also can uninstall the sound drive by the following steps, check under add / remove program option under control panel to see if there a sound card utility install or not, if it is there then uninstall from there, the sound card has been uninstalled already.

And now you can reinstall the new sound card.

When you want to reinstall the original sound driver, you can find your original sound driver information by doing these: “My computer”(right click)>”Properties”>”Hardware tab”>“Sound, video and game controllers”.

And then you will have to download the old driver from your computer manufacturer’s website or from your sound card manufacturer’s website.

If you have purchased a new sound card correctly, the reinstallation is very easy, it is as same as the uninstall steps, you can do the steps:

“Control Panel” > “System” > “Hardware” > “Device Manager” > “Sound, video and game controllers” > “Sound card”

After you double click the “Sound card”, you will find a new wizard, then continue to reinstall according to instruction given in the wizard. In this step, you may be required to click “Next” for many times without changing any settings.

After you have done these, you have installed the sound card, what you need to do is reboot your laptop.

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